February certainly delivered this year- we’ve had almost enough clean, surfable days to make up for that atrocious January and December.


Once, while checking a spot with a friend of mine and seeing three-to-four-foot peeling waves, I suggested we drive a bit further south to see if looked better. My friend said he was going to paddle out, citing his rule of thumb to “never leave good surf to look for good surf.” In Florida, he reasoned, the wind and tide are so fickle that you could potentially lose your session just by driving around.

I still drive around to look for the best conditions, and maybe I miss a session or two “in search of,” but sometimes I do find a sandbar that I wouldn’t have known about had I stayed put. In the old days when I could walk to the beach, I rarely drove, and wasn’t the worse for wear. But once you get that little gremlin in your head that says it might be better somewhere else is difficult to shake.

As I write this, I’m in Costa Rica, blissed out after a three-hour session of head-high peeling waves. A quick check of the Brevard County surf report shows solid (albeit cold) conditions back home. This follows Murphy’s Law of Surf Trips, which states that as soon as you get on that plane, a swell is bound to fill in at your home break. The corollary of which is the “new board curse.”

Whether you believe in any of this hocus pocus is irrelevant, so long as you caught some of those February waves.

As for the Surf Museum news, nothing much to report this month. We’ve got a board swap coming up in April, so stay tuned. Also, if you haven’t already, come check out our “Shortboard Evolution Revolution” exhibit.

By Dan Reiter

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